Set 10, 2020
Museum of Cervera, Cervera (20:00 h)

Confin_Art – Confination landscapes

Up to 21 artists are participating in the CONFIN_ART show. They are all united by the territory, they are artists who work in the Segarra region and neighboring counties (Urgell, Anoia, Conca de Barberà, Les Garrigues), and their critical work towards what the pandemic and confinement has meant. that we have lived.
21 proposals with very different languages -from painting to performative actions, sculpture, literature, video installations and sculpture- from which the artists share with us their vision, their point of view on universal concepts and close to everyone.

Each work evokes a personal landscape and, at the same time, when seen together in the same space, they generate new landscapes and new readings. Confinement has put on the table the validity of many values ​​on which our society seemed to be based: globalization, authority, markets, anonymity, solidity of structures, future, permanence and eternal youth.
Now we invite you to “look” at new landscapes, understood as an invitation to reflect on what our life horizon should be, how we want to live and how we want to relate. The debate on globalization, on consumption that prioritizes supermarkets and the multiplication of intermediaries to the detriment of local trade, the virtues of networking, cooperation and co-creation, the importance of neighborhoods and the demand for a rural world that seemed forgotten (and complex) in the face of the cult of big cities. They are not new concepts but now they have gained absolute prominence.
We also invite you to “recreate” interior landscapes that call to the need to look inside, to the reflection around the longed-for and persecuted eternity, to the critique of man’s predominance in the face of a punished nature, to the need to us, to value the little things, the present and our day to day.

The result is a diverse, eclectic show, a meeting point for people who live and work in and for the territory, a space for reflection and personal and collaborative work. Hence the exhibition also has the projects of Marta Agustí, Maria Mora and Teresa Alsina made with students from the school Ondara de Tàrrega and is part of a wider initiative # memòriesdelapandemia, which aims to collect objects materials, documents or any initiative produced by the public to deal with the pandemic.

Finally, and as an exclusive novelty, the Museum wants to turn a visit to the exhibition into a unique and personal experience. That is why it is planned to offer special visits that go beyond the guided tour or mediation. Subject to prior reservation (which can be individual or in small groups of 6 people), the visitor will experience the exhibition based on the recreation of experiences by an actress who will have a free dialogue with the works and the public.

Pandemic Memories Campaign is an initiative led by museums that are part of the Networks of History Museums and Museums of Ethnology of Catalonia and the Museum of History of Catalonia and which proposes a campaign to collect documents and material objects that testify to the passage of COVID 19 through our country.
The aim is to preserve the testimonies of oral, written, audiovisual memory and objects that help to interpret the impact of the global pandemic in our country.
This documentary and material collection can be very diverse: PPE (gloves, masks, gowns and other medical equipment…), closing posters for COVID19, drawings or other materials prepared individually or collectively to deal with the pandemic, household items that they reflect life under measures of quarantine and social distancing; new products created by companies and industry; works of art in public space; and items representing community projects and initiatives. In the documentary plan, the supports can be: photographs, videos, voice messages, etc.

The campaign at the Cervera Museum
The Museum participates in this campaign with a double action:

Collection of material (objects, documents, photographs, videos) from individuals and / or institutions that explain how they have experienced confinement, how they have been organized, what they have done to overcome various situations, how they have managed concerns, work, fears and the disease itself,….
The material in this group is diverse and heterogeneous. So far the most important thickness is the material provided by one of the nursing homes in Cervera that has had to deal (successfully) with two positive cases of Covid and how they have been transformed from a nursing home to a center sanitary ware. Volunteer PPE, home games, personal newspaper clippings,… have also been collected.

Exhibition proposal CONFIN_ART. A collection of works of art generated from confinement by different artists in the territory that allow us to see how this group has worked from home to conceptualize what the pandemic and confinement have caused in the individual and in society.