Jun 25, 2020
Alemany 1879, Os de Balaguer (11 h)

Pollinating the almond tree

The mural in honor of the almond blossom and the bees is inaugurated. Painted by three artists from Lleida, who have incorporated sculpture and beeswax as the basis of the painting, ‘Pollinating the Almond Tree’ is a cooperative work by Oriol Arumí and the brothers Erik and Swen Schmitz Coll. A choral work by three artists.

As a result of this collaborative spirit, the mural has emerged. On the one hand, the painter based in Lleida, Oriol Arumí, known for his works that promote healthy ways of life and recover spaces that were previously natural. On the other hand, the brothers Swen and Erik Schmitz Coll, born in Germany and living in Ivars d’Urgell and known for their connection with the Estany d’Ivars and Vila-Sana, where they have made artistic forays to emphasize the its natural landscape. The embossed parts of the mural are made from materials used in everyday life that often end up in the form of waste.

Erik Schmitz has chosen the used car tire for the part of the blades, giving the rubber the desired shape and then painted. He made the flowers from recycled fabric, which allowed him to generate large volumes in a light and air-resistant way and telecommunication cable for the flower stamens. A thick thread that integrates many small ones that help to generate the top of the stamen, the anther.