Jun 27, 2020
Parc de la Mitjana, Lleida (20:30 h)

Sighs of peace

Lleida City Council is organizing an event in memory of people who have died in recent months and who, due to the Covid-19, have not been able to be fired as their families and friends would have wished.

With this tribute, the Paeria wants to offer, on behalf of the whole city, a space and a moment of warmth, accompaniment and consolation to the people of Lleida who have been affected by this situation.

The event is called “Sospirs de pau” and will take place on Saturday, June 27, at 8.30 pm, in La Mitjana Park.

In addition to the public tribute, Lleida City Council wants the memory of these people to last over time and a sculpture has been created in their memory, the work of the artist Erik Schmitz, which will finally be located in the cemetery.

The event, led by Remei Capitan (Director of Acknowledgments), will feature different musical and dance performances and will feature representatives from the world of health, families and the author of the sculpture, as well as the head of Lleida , Miquel Pueyo.

Lleida City Council asks everyone who wants to attend – family members and close people – to register via the link http://paeria.cat/sospirsdepau.html. The registration period is open until June 25.

Pre-registration will make it easier to organize the distribution of attendees in accordance with current prevention measures. The event is scheduled for about three hundred people.

Tribute sculpture

Erik Schmitz, born in Germany and based in Ivars d’Urgell, especially cultivates sculpture but also expresses himself with engravings, paintings and murals.

The sculpture in honor of the people who died during the confinement is made mainly of stone and also includes a metal part and an olive tree. It is a horizontal structure with a stone base, which forms an island with the silhouette of the municipality of Lleida.

Inside the island, a metal accent – to symbolize the souls of the missing – fills a cavity that represents the void they have left. Next to it, the olive tree, an icon of peace, remembers the people who died, the breadth of their numbers and the generational diversity. The stone, predominant in the sculpture, is an expression of eternity and the solidity of the memory they leave.

The sculpture is 3.43 m long, 1.5 m wide and rises 0.60 m without counting the height of the olive tree.