Ulldecona stone and iron
120 x 130 x 70 cm
Placeta dels donants de sang, Linyola
Public space | Sculpture

The title menas “the world beats” inspired in Give blood to keep the world beatiinspired by the 2022 motto “Donate blood so the world keeps beating”.
I recently had the pleasure of creating a sculpture in tribute to the altruistic cause of blood donors.
It was a real pleasure to be able to pay tribute to life and to the people who make it possible in a selfless way and which can be of great help to everyone, beyond their gender, origin or belief.

In this work, the anatomical heart, the driving force of the blood, wants to be represented.

The stone of Ulldecona with its waters represents fluidity and the steel pipes the connections.

Thank you @donantssang_plaurgell for your work.
Thanks @pedresmagami for the technical support.
Thanks to the Municipality of Linyola for the trusting company and being references and precedents in the Pla d’Urgell.