Relieve with mortars and pigments
800 x 830 x 10 cm
Escola d'art Ondara, Tàrrega
Public space

Project done together with Lily Brick for Escola d’Art Ondara @ondaratarrega.
It was about making a mural that represents the art school. When this project started, Lily asked the students about how they felt about it, and when she personally had the opportunity to visit the place she felt like making something that would include some of the techniques that are though at the school. That was the moment I was invited as a sculpture artist, I learned in this building and felt like beeing part of this adventure.
As a team we’ve tried to represent this idea of togetherness and common strength. This mural is created with materials that would allow us to make some relief and earthy colors, willing with it to give an idea of experimentation, growth, playground and cooperation. Hands as symbol for actions.
It’s been awsome to work with such a wonderful and funny artist and person as Lily and so well accompanied by the family of EA Ondara.