La esperanzada multitud se aglomera en el estrecho de la oscura inmensidad, 2018
Woodcut and etching
74 x 105 cm
Estampart Botiga-Taller, Penelles, Lleida

Seemingly abstract, dark and with a box that aims to capture attention, but which seems to be simply a “noisy” stain, this work invites you to reflection.

Put aside all mental construction.
Do not rationalize forms.
You’re not going badly into thinking that this is a geographical representation.
Do you think the dark spot is earth and the white spot is sea?
The sea inspires calm, right? That’s why we relate it to the purity of white.
But not everyone conceives it that way.
Imagine you’ve never seen the sea… and that the first time you see him is at night and you get into a small boat with excess crew and terrible stability.
The 39 people who accompany you to the baca can not comfort you because they suffer the same terror as you.
You spend hours, even days and if you are one of those who are lucky you come alive to the promised land. It’s been a terrifying journey and nobody’s waiting for you with open arms.
If you can choose, you will never see the sea again.
Or you won’t be so lucky and the big dark mass will gobble you up and become part of a noisy frame, which is observed with indifference that only those people who stop, observe and empathize are able to see their reality.